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Our June Progress Report

Lots is happening and we have a bevy of updates! Let's jump in.

  1. Those numbers on the backside of Tempdrop may look forgettable, but they're a big deal! They mean that Tempdrop is no longer a prototype; with FCC and CE certification, Tempdrop is an off-the-shelf device that's safe to use and could just as well be sold by Amazon or Walmart.
  2. Our instruction manual now includes safety ...

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The light at the end of the tunnel: Tempdrop!

It's been a long and bumpy 2017 filled with best-case scenario expectations and worst case reality checks, but I'm happy to share that the next couple months have a clear roadmap and we can comfortably share with you a shipping date. We spent this year looking very closely at all of the variables that would go into producing and shipping Tempdrop - and there's now no doubt in our minds that we're close. Let's go over them before the reveal:

What do we have left? 

  • We've passed all certification tests for the CE certification (Europe) and we're continuing with the remaining tests for the FCC certification (USA) - they should be completed in 1-2 weeks
  • The electronics arrived a while ago and we're now waiting for the plastics for final assembly
  • The Tempdrop app still has a couple minor bugs that we're taking care of, but that won't delay the shipping 

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Surprise! Our May production update has arrived early

Surprise! Things are moving quickly and we have a fresh update for you. First off, we have in-house a trifecta of approved sensors, packaging, and sample packaging material. We put them all together, and voilà, Tempdrop, pretty darn close to what'll arrive in your mailbox. The only difference is that the color of the sample packaging material, the soft fabric around the sensor, will probably change because we like color coordination as much as the next gal.

In other news, the instruction manual and CE and FCC certifications are all in progress and should be finalized before the conference. If you're in Europe, please do come see me at Wearable Europe 2017 May 10-11 in Berlin (Estrel Berlin Congress Center - booth E14). You'll get to see Tempdrop in person and hear our shipping announcement fi...

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Everything’s coming together: plastics, firmware, and packaging, oh my!

It’s been about a month since our last update, and we have a lot going on. The biggest news, as we shared with you on our facebook page about two weeks ago, is that we’ve approved the new plastic samples (the T3 injection) and they’re good to go. Minor tweaking will make T4 our T-Final. One of our team members is in China now, overseeing the production of the plastics and arranging for the shipment of the plastics, armbands, and packaging to Israel for final assembly.

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Catching up with Talithia Williams, mathematician, NFP queen, & Tempdrop Chief Scientist

Since coming on board as Tempdrop’s Chief Scientist, Talithia has kept busy, and we decided that we needed an update on everything she's been up to now that Tempdrop is so close to shipping.

You may have heard her TED Talk about the insights she gained from tracking her basal body temperature every day for over 6 years. But with a PhD in Statistics, Talithia is first and foremost a mathematician and her motto is simple: show me the data!

In addition to her academic accomplishments, Talithia and her husband, Donald, actively teach Natural Family Planning (NFP) methods. She knows firsthand that numbers can tell us a lot about our bodies and our health. Let's catch up already!

Q. Hey Talithia, what have you been up to lately?

Since the TED Talk, I’ve been invited to a lot of speaking engage...

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The March Production Update

Here goes. 20 hours after I left my home, I arrived at ‘Humen town’ in the city of ‘Dongguan’. The population of Dongguan, while small for China, is bigger than the state of Israel. Setting my expectations accordingly high, I wanted to get back with 100 samples from the new batch and approve the manufacturing, finish Tempdrop’s packaging, source armband materials and add a second color as well. All in 5 days.I was picked up by a lovely local couple named Yuan and Michelle, who work at the office of our partnered manufacturer in China, and live next door, and I mean that literally. Only in China!

I ended up relying o...

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The official update: let's dive in

Here's what's happened since the last update. After we got the samples of the first T0 (zero) batch, the Chinese manufacturer was supposed to tune the mold and fix the issues we reported. This has all been completed.

We do not expect any more production cycles (unless a catastrophe occurs). As I mentioned, we will send the sensors from the current T1 batch even if they won’t be ‘perfect.’ You’ve all been waiting long enough.

Unfortunately, the Chinese clearly cherish their holidays because they didn’t respond until the second week of February. This was when I decided that I need to go there, a decision that was only made possible now thanks to the genuinely professional and financial support I get from our turn-key contractor-partner led by the amazing Guy Einon.

It took some time to get a visa and arrange for meetings with the armband factory, plastic manufacturer, and packaging vendors. The goal is to FINALIZE EVERYTHING and get these...

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