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The March Production Update

Here goes. 20 hours after I left my home, I arrived at ‘Humen town’ in the city of ‘Dongguan’. The population of Dongguan, while small for China, is bigger than the state of Israel. Setting my expectations accordingly high, I wanted to get back with 100 samples from the new batch and approve the manufacturing, finish Tempdrop’s packaging, source armband materials and add a second color as well. All in 5 days.I was picked up by a lovely local couple named Yuan and Michelle, who work at the office of our partnered manufacturer in China, and live next door, and I mean that literally. Only in China!

I ended up relying o...

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The official update: let's dive in

Here's what's happened since the last update. After we got the samples of the first T0 (zero) batch, the Chinese manufacturer was supposed to tune the mold and fix the issues we reported. This has all been completed.

We do not expect any more production cycles (unless a catastrophe occurs). As I mentioned, we will send the sensors from the current T1 batch even if they won’t be ‘perfect.’ You’ve all been waiting long enough.

Unfortunately, the Chinese clearly cherish their holidays because they didn’t respond until the second week of February. This was when I decided that I need to go there, a decision that was only made possible now thanks to the genuinely professional and financial support I get from our turn-key contractor-partner led by the amazing Guy Einon.

It took some time to get a visa and arrange for meetings with the armband factory, plastic manufacturer, and packaging vendors. The goal is to FINALIZE EVERYTHING and get these...

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A deep dive into the science of Tempdrop 🚤

We’ve had some questions from you around the science of Tempdrop and how it compares with some of the other options out there, so we decided to do a deep dive into everything that goes into Tempdrop’s machinery.

Tempdrop monitors all of the important data points that factor into fertility, including sleep patterns, irregular cycles and, of course, sleeping temperature. Thanks to continuous axillary temperature and accelerometer measurements, Tempdrop collects and analyzes thousands of data points throughout the night to give you a clear picture of your fertility, even if you’re a light sleeper or have an irregular period. How clear? This clear:

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Our New Year’s Resolution: To Deliver Tempdrop to Your Doorstep

As promised, here's that product update - just in time for the new year! We missed the window for Christmas deliveries but, as you’ll see, we’re getting closer and closer everyday and have a new shipping update! But we'll save that for last. Here goes:

Let’s get techy - the electronics

After we finished the machine setup, we made a few samples and did some fine-tuning to correct minor errors. Then we manufactured a few more and now everything is working properly. The whole batch of the “heart” of Tempdrop should be assembled by next week.

The hardware

We did receive the plastic shells and accessories - the first ever “mass produced” Tempdrops! Here they are sitting side-by-side with the older sensor that helped us write our first algorithms and proved the amazing accurateness of Tempdrop.

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An Update on Our Integrations

Since the beginning, our philosophy has always been that Tempdrop would be an enabling device. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the data you want, in whichever app you prefer. To that end, we developed a snippet of code that allows app developers to seamlessly integrate the results from our algorithm into any fertility app. 
If, for whatever reason, apps choose not to integrate Tempdrop, you would still be able to see your temperature results and manually input it into their app. The core functionality of Tempdrop wouldn't be affected - you would still enjoy unprecedented, personalized accuracy without the need to wake up.

We're now at work partnering with established fertility apps that will help us present that data to you in the most helpful way. But, as some of you pointed out, the apps listed in our "Supported Apps" section isn't correct - that list dates back to the Indiegogo when I approached several apps and they...

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A Small Token of our Appreciation

If you've been reading our communications here, in our emails, and on social media, you'll know that Tempdrop is now in production. The fertility tracker you've been waiting for is coming very soon - and we'll have a firm shipping date any day now. 

While we won't ship in time for Christmas, we would like to offer you a small token of our appreciation for sticking around. One last discount before Tempdrop hits the shelves.
So, here it is. Use coupon code GET30 to get $30 off when you order 2. Because everything's better with friends.

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So far, so good- we're almost there!

Tempdrop is coming soon. Spread the word!
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