Introducing Tempdrop

Tempdrop is a smart sensor that turns your smartphone into a sophisticated fertility monitor, making fertility tracking simple and convenient.
Just put it on

Just put it on

Say goodbye to scheduled wake-ups. Simply wear Tempdrop while you sleep, and take it off whenever you wake up. Your basal temperature will be automatically synced to your smartphone or tablet.
App freedom

App freedom

Tempdrop already works with several amazing fertility apps, with many more to be added. Pick whichever app works for you. If you decide to switch in the future, you can bring your data with you.

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App freedom
Tempdrop will make fertility awareness much more accessible to all women.

– Elizabeth

I've been waiting for someone to invent a product like this.

– Lisette

I love the idea that I don’t have to wake up early everyday, at the same time like I do now. Getting more accurate temperature data is also a reason I can’t wait to get my hands on Tempdrop!

– Joy

I would like to commend you on creating such a terrific product to support women and couples who are trying to manage their fertility naturally, rather than rely on artificial means.

– Pip

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Tempdrop Sensor + Armband
Tempdrop Sensor + Armband Tempdrop Sensor + Armband Tempdrop Sensor + Armband

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