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Introducing Tempdrop

Introducing Tempdrop


A fertility tracking wearable designed for you


Comfortable, convenient, & affordable


Wake up when you want


Introducing Tempdrop

Tempdrop is a smart sensor that turns your smartphone into a sophisticated fertility monitor, making fertility tracking simple and convenient.
Just put it on

Just put it on

Say goodbye to scheduled wake-ups. Simply wear Tempdrop while you sleep, and take it off whenever you wake up. Your basal temperature will be automatically synced to your smartphone or tablet.
App freedom

App freedom

Tempdrop is integrated with Android's OvuView and more integrations are on the way. In the meantime, Tempdrop data can be manually inputted into the app of your choice.

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App freedom
Janet P.
Thanks Tempdrop! See you in 9 months!

– Janet P.

Pamela K.
No more waking up at 5AM on weekends just to take my temp!

– Pamela K.

Julie L.
I am loving mine! I'm not able to manually temp because I wake up throughout the night but this is catching my temps wonderfully!

– Julie L.

Tanya M.
Tempdrop customer service and dedication to excellence is the best I have ever experienced.

– Tanya M.

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Tempdrop+ Armband
Tempdrop+ Armband Tempdrop+ Armband Tempdrop+ Armband Tempdrop+ Armband Tempdrop+ Armband

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  • 1-year warranty
  • 1-year free returns minus shipping
  • Exclusive access to the Tempdrop Facebook user group
  • Around-the-clock customer service