About Us

Tempdrop was founded in 2013 to address a growing problem in women's health. As women choose to delay having children, there is a greater likelihood that they will face fertility-related challenges when the time is right. With the right knowledge and tools, most couples can overcome them. The emergence of "quantified self" and the notion that our smartphones can be a powerful tool for personal health awareness have led to an explosion of innovative apps. Tempdrop's fertility tracking wearable aims to be at the center of this revelation, by offering a hardware solution which perfectly compliments the plethora of software already out there.

In early 2014, Tempdrop launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to validate the market and to raise money for developing a prototype. Since then, several key members have been added to the team. The company is currently working hard to introduce Tempdrop to the market after incorporating customer feedback and new design innovations.

The Team

Based in Israel, Tempdrop is a lean start-up with a bright and highly experienced team. We share a combined 30+ years of management experience and 34+ years of R&D and product development, most of which in the medical devices industry. Our team includes members from Israel, Canada and France. We are all motivated by the potential of Tempdrop to help people achieve one of the happiest moments of their lives. 

Advisors On-Board

Dr. Talithia Williams, Ph.D. Statistics,
Rice University

Dr. Williams is famous for her popular TED Talk (over 1 Million views) about the insights she gained into her own fertility from meticulously tracking her own temperature. But with a PhD in Statistics, Dr. Williams is first and foremost a Mathematician, making sense of numbers and what they can tell us about our body and health.


Dr. Ari Shechter, Ph.D. Neuroscience,
Columbia University 

Dr. Shechter is a prolific researcher in the field of human Chronobiology. Some of his selected Publications include: 


Dr. Yossi Hasson

Dr. Joseph Hasson MD, OB/Gyn
Specialist in Gynecology, Obstetrics & Infertility

Dr. Hasson, specializes in treating infertility and is a Clinical & Research fellow at the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility at McGill University Reproductive Center in Canada. Previously he was an attending physician at the IVF & Infertility Center at the Tel Aviv Medical Center in Israel.






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